Adams Avenue:
a work in progress

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A Visual Vocabulary

by Stone Paper Scissors
(Lynn Susholtz
& Aida Mancillas)

Stone Paper Scissors have designed a series of banners focusing on the architectural heritage of the Adams Avenue commercial district. Each of the ten banners commissioned by the Adams Avenue business Association highlights an architectural feature found on the buildings along the Avenue. These features have been stylized into plans of color and bold geometric forms. The word or words that describe the elements are included as a lesson in architectural vocabulary. Finally, a map of the district is overlaid on sections of the banners, forming a common pattern, which ties all the works together.

The artists feel that districts like those along the Avenue are rich with architectural treasures that often go unnoticed as pedestrians and automobiles move quickly past them. By refocusing attention on these elements the artists hope to encourage viewers to begin noticing their environment and the unique features within it. Viewers can "play the game" of searching out the places which inspired individual banners. They can begin to incorporate a vocabulary for the architectural elements in their community. Ultimately, the viewer can fell a new sense of connection to the built environment and can be part of mid-city efforts to protect, preserve and enhance their architectural heritage.

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