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Lost Dogs

by Deborah Small

Lost Dogs is dedicated to my beloved dog, Rose Bird, who disappeared in July 1998.

When I lost my dog, I felt as if I had lost a part of my soul. In retrospect I understood why, when I saw the Lost Dogs poster hanging in a coffee shop on Adams Avenue, my heart went out to the family who had lost their two dogs. I knew immediately that dogs were my connection to the Adams Avenue neighborhoods.

The handwriting on the Lost dogs poster appeared to be that of a child, so I asked my eight year old friend, Kathryn Hund, to paint pictures of dogs for my 10 banners. As inspiration, she used Bear, her own dog, as well as my five dogs, buck, Stubbins, Jake, Sam and Rose Bird.

Lost Dogs has a happy ending. Bo and Rocky, the white husky and the mixed breed on the Lost Dogs poster were found!

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