Adams Avenue:
a work in progress

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by Pete Evaristo & Jodi Tucci

I have lived in Normal Heights since 1979. My congratulations to "Adams Ave. -- A Work in Progress" depicts people I have known here for a substantial amount of time. In most cases, these people have had an impact on the community and in my life.

My collaborator on this project is Jodi Tucci. Jodi offers a fresh perspective on the neighborhood and on the locals who make up this community, since she just recently moved to Normal Heights in 1997.

In preparation for the paintings, I photographed each model. In the process I spent a lot of time discussing personal histories, local politics as well as the past, present and future of the community.

These paintings are not necessarily meant to be individual portraits, but rather broader symbols of what it takes to make a person want to live in the same place for  20 years and also make a new neighbor feel a welcome part of the community.

Special thanks to Gary, Fran, David & Erica, Daniel, Tom, Brian, Lois & Siobhan, Kristin & Ashley, Adam and all the others too numerous to fit on ten banners.


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