Adams Avenue:
a work in progress

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The Ten Victories

by Jim Bliesner

Each banner represents a struggle that this community has undertaken over the past twenty years. Space did not allow me to name all of the people who gave of their time and energy to push an idea forward. So each banner includes only the names of key people associated with the cause. My apologies for the many omissions.

The banners signify the common efforts for; saving the community sign, property down-zoning, the creation of Antique Row, the community and children's garden, Trolley Park, Adams Avenue Street Fair, street trees and public improvements, organizing the community after the Normal Heights fire, and the refurbished John Adams school and community park.

The tenth banner is blank. It is the future. The image and the leaders will emerge. It may be you.

Art, for me is not only the banner or the image. It is the energy and the commitment to struggle for meaning, identity and a place in the community in which we live. The struggle is as much the art as is the figurative memorial. It is a conceptual whole. It is all art.


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