Adams Avenue:
a work in progress

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Ten Thousand Answers

by Cheryl Lindley

What gives special significance to a place, its people and their culture? What is community? How can one portray the neighborhoods along Adams Avenue?

As work began on this banner project these and other questions came u for me. Vivid memories of the area also surface, having grown up in may great grandmother's Normal Heights house. As a child I witnessed the demise of the neighborhood as home after home (including my great grandmother's) were destroyed and replaced by sterile, square apartment buildings. Lawns became parking lots and many families like my own moved away.

Now the community is redefining, rebuilding, and reshaping itself. My dreams, hopes and wishes for the future are only one person's vision.

A community is shaped by the dreams, hopes and wishes of may individuals. These ten questions are posed for you! The definition of this community depends on the 10,000 answers you all provide.

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