Adams Avenue:
a work in progress

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Door to Door

by Elizabeth Sisco

The banner series, Door to Door, samples the homes that lay within the Adams Avenue Business District and places their images as monuments along the Avenue.

I chose to photograph the doorways of homes because they are a site of entrance and welcome that parallels the invitation all the banners on the Avenue herald.

The neighborhoods that surround Adams Avenue fuel the vitality of the Avenue itself. This small geographic area is heterogeneous. While entire blocks have been converted to dense homogeneous apartment complexes, the single family homes in the community retain a uniqueness and charm that harken back to the time when these neighborhoods were San Diego's first suburbs.

The diversity of the architecture spanning Normal Heights to Kensington indicates the different eras of building and the class differences present in the area.

Door to Door acknowledges the roots of the Avenue's Prosperity celebrates the individual character of its neighborhoods and invites residents and visitors alike to come together on common ground.

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